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Acharya Prashant is a powerful voice of socio-spiritual awakening in today’s world. He is an acclaimed Vedanta exegete and author of over eighty books, including the national bestseller Karma – Why Everything You Know About it is Wrong.

An alumnus of IIT-Delhi, IIM-Ahmedabad and a former civil services officer, he is an exponent of pure Vedantic wisdom, a vocal warrior against superstition and inner weaknesses, a promulgator of pure spiritual veganism and an expounder of essential human freedom.


Summary of book Ananda Book PDF Download Free

What is that one fundamental thing for which we go about toiling all our lives – sacrificing, negotiating, scheming, praying? Intuitively, one might answer – happiness. But do we really know what happiness is?

Most of the existing literature paints a fuzzy picture of happiness, beautiful in words but lacking in practicality. In this book, Acharya Prashant shatters all misconceptions about happiness jargons like ‘loving unconditionally’ and ‘living in the present’. He explains how what we commonly understand as happiness exists only in the backdrop of sadness, and what man is really looking for is not just happiness, but Ananda – an unconditional joy free from both happiness and sadness. Discarding multiple myths that burden our consciousness, the book draws from scriptures like the Gita and the Upanishads, revealing the true meaning of Ananda.

If you have the courage to question your deep-rooted beliefs and enter an unfathomable territory beyond the duality of happiness and sadness, this book is for you

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